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Better Alternatives

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Be inspired!

Other small towns just like Alpine have created a network of local parks connected by a system of walkways, bike paths, and trails.

The benefits are far-reaching and community-wide: easier access for all, increased safety, revitalization of existing facilities, less environmental impact, increased physical activity, connection to other resources such as schools, public transportation, libraries, community centers, local businesses, and more!

Once Gone, Gone Forever

An overwhelming, all-in-one, regional sports complex park will not only block access to Wright’s Field Preserve, but will damage the open space and passive recreation destination due to fragmentation, encroachment, and overflow use from the park. 

Much research shows the value of non-consumptive, non-invasive outdoor recreation for kids and adults, for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.  This location is irreplaceable and offers a unique natural recreational opportunity that is worth protecting.  

Why It Matters

This isn't just another work project for the Alpine community; it will irreversably affect where we live. That matters and it's personal. 

Tell us why this is important to you with your photos and/or a short video (max. 2 minutes). We'll then share on this website and the 

Preserve Alpine's Heritage Facebook page. 

Why do you love Wright's Field Preserve?

What are your thoughts on the proposed park?

Why are parks in Alpine important to you? 

What do you think about a network of local parks?

Overall, why does any of this matter at all? 

The Land of the Kumeyaay
"We stand upon a land that carries the footsteps of millennia of Kumeyaay people. This land has nourished, healed, protected and embraced them for many generations in a relationship of balance and harmony. 
As members of the Alpine community and Preserve Alpine's Heritage we acknowledge this legacy. We promote this balance and harmony and find inspiration from this land; the land of the Kumeyaay."

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