Preserve Alpine's Heritage

Thank you to the hundreds who submitted public comments during the Board of Supervisors budget hearings. 

Please continue to spread the word and sign the petition!

Yes: Local Alpine Parks

No: Sports Complex

We support an Alpine County Park. But we do not support an oversized sports park raising serious concerns and unanswered questions. There is still time to reduce the park size and scope before irreversibly and fundamentally changing the nature of our beloved backcountry community.

Join us in supporting parks that are well-designed, easily and safely accessible by all,

and enhance, not overwhelm, all that makes Alpine so special. 

Too Much

We oppose the scope of the  proposed $28-million, 26-acre, all-in-one regional sports complex park with extensive athletic and active recreational facilities at the location next to Wright’s Field Ecological Preserve off

South Grade Road.

With 270+ parking spots, athletic fields/courts, skate/bike park, volunteer lodging, offices, and much more, the design is too big for the natural and rural location.

Does the majority of Alpine really want a large, urban park in its small town? The County's own public outreach data says no. So why this proposed park?

Questions and Concerns

We recognize there are too many serious concerns and unanswered questions regarding the current park design to justify proceeding as proposed.

The plan still does not address the many serious concerns.

"Drive to" park with no safe access ways, water for the extensive grassy fields, fire safety, traffic congestion, noise pollution, habitat degradation, security, maintenance, and more. 

A Better Fit

We support developing a smaller, nature-based passive park at the location adjacent to

Wright's Field Ecological Preserve. 

A park that minimizes the impact on the environment and rural setting, provides appropriate recreational activities that respect and complement the preserve, and protects the preserve from habitat destruction due to fragmentation, encroachment, and overflow use from a park.

Alpine Can Do Better

We support developing other existing or new sites for active sports facilities, thus creating a network of local Alpine parks that offer unique recreational activities throughout town connected by a system of safe walkways, bike paths, and trails.

Why build new facilities instead of improving those we already have?  Why not develop smaller recreational facilities where they will be most utilized, like a skate/all-wheel park in the town center? 

Connect the parks to the local community, businesses, public transportation, schools, libraries, and more.