Preserve Alpine's Heritage

Our mission is to preserve Alpine’s unique natural, cultural, and rural heritage as an integral part of the quality of life of Alpine residents.

  • Preserve Alpine's Heritage is a group of dedicated community advocates representing all areas and demographics of Alpine.
  • We promote meaningful collaboration and creative partnerships with public representatives and other stakeholders.
  • We embrace a diversity of views as we work toward the common goal of designing innovative, sustainable, and financially-responsible solutions that bring desired facilities and services to Alpine, while preserving all that makes our community so special.
  • We strive to identify a variety of projects in which to become involved that will accomplish our purpose. 
  • Our current focus is on challenging the scope of the County park being proposed for the location next to Wright’s Field Ecological Preserve.

Yes: Local Alpine Parks

No: Sports Complex

Too Much

We oppose the scope of the  proposed $43-million, 25-acre, all-in-one sports park with extensive athletic and active recreational facilities at the location next to Wright’s Field Ecological Preserve off South Grade Road.

Questions and Concerns

We recognize there are too many serious concerns and unanswered questions regarding the current park design to justify proceeding as proposed.

A Better Fit

We support developing a smaller, nature-based passive park at the location. A park that minimizes the impact on the environment and rural setting, provides appropriate recreational activities that respect and complement the preserve, and protects the preserve from habitat destruction due to fragmentation, encroachment, and overflow use from a park.

Other Options

We support developing other existing or new sites for active sports facilities, thus creating a network of local Alpine parks that offer unique recreational activities throughout town connected by a system of safe walkways, bike paths, and trails.