Preserve Alpine's Heritage

The Time Is Now to Take Action!


Participate in the Board of Supervisors Budget Hearings
Submit eComments by Wedndesday, June 23 at 5:00 pm

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors will be asked to approve $10.5 Million toward construction of the proposed Alpine County Park. Your action is urgently needed to convince the Board that a large number of Alpine residents do not support the current park design and push for a revised park plan. 

The public has a right to the facts regarding the impact the park will have on the community: environmental, traffic, safety, fiscal, and more. This information is not yet available as the evaluation process is still underway. Our tax dollars should not be approved for such a large project while so many concerns and questions remain unanswered.  Learn more on the County’s budget website, including the full budget (Alpine County Park, pages 63, 495, 501, 526, 543). 


Contact All Five Supervisors 

Preserve Alpine’s Heritage leadership is working to meet with the supervisors to discuss our position and concerns. However, your personal outreach and reasons are what really makes a difference! A decision is made by a vote, so please contact all five supervisors to have your voice heard.

Nora Vargas, Supervisor District 1, 619-531-5511,

Joel Anderson, Supervisor District 2 (Alpine), 619-441-4327,

Terra Lawson-Remer, Supervisor District 3, 619- 531-5533,

Nathan Fletcher, Chair District 4, 619-531-5544,

Jim Desmond, Supervisor District 5, 619-531-5555,


Sign the Petition

Yes to Local Alpine Parks, No to a Sports Complex

The petition outlines the many concerns around the current park design. It also states our group position: we are not against a park, but we are asking that the park be reduced in size/scope and that the many concerns be addressed. Be sure to leave your comments and share with neighbors, family, and friends.


Spread the Word

Whatever one's position, ensuring our Alpine community knows the facts around the park plans is key. Share this website link, post our flyer, invite others to join the Preserve Alpine's Heritage Facebook group, or just have a conversation. We've also created lawn signs, bumper stickers, and banners! Contact to order.


Sign the Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council Letter

The Greater Alpine Fire Safe Council wrote an open letter to County officials expressing concerns and requesting that key flaws in the park design be resolved prior to construction beginning or capital expenditures being made. Concerns are centered particularly around the critical areas of water usage, wildfire, and traffic safety. Whatever your view on the proposed park, if you agree that these serious questions must be addressed, add your name to a growing list of organizations and community members. 


We recognize that standing up for all that makes Alpine so special is a commitment that takes many forms and must be maintained over time. Preserve Alpine's Heritage is just getting started! Whatever support you can provide, whether it's time, financial, skills, or other, it will make a difference.  Contact us for questions or if you'd like to formally participate in group efforts.