Preserve Alpine's Heritage

The Proposed Park

"Other communities that are farther from the San Diego metropolitan center but within the CWA boundary— Alpine, Ramona, (...), San Dieguito, and Otay Mesa— have a greater capacity to grow when compared to other communities. However, in all of these communities, any future growth must be carefully balanced with other factors to preserve their identity and unique resources. 

- County of San Diego Parks Master Plan, page 4 (December 2020)

Do you think the proposed park is carefully balanced to preserve the identity of our backcountry community?  

Get the facts on the park planning and consider some of the questions below. 

Reasons for Concern

Beyond the extensive scope and uninspired design, the proposed park raises serious concerns and questions that County Parks has failed to adequately address.  

  • Do we want a “drive to" park located far from the populated town center and other community resources such as schools, public transportation, library, community center, and local businesses?
  • What about the dangerous automobile ingress/egress and increased automotive congestion throughout Alpine?
  • What about the challenges for children, equestrians, runners, dog walkers, etc. reaching a park that is only accessible via dangerous South Grade Road or Wright’s Field Preserve?

  • Where are the reports studying the impact on surrounding natural space from fragmentation, encroachment, or overflow use from a park?
  • What will the introduction of noise and nighttime light pollution do to the area?
  • When drought is an ongoing concern, why are they including extensive grassy fields and landscaping?
  • Why is there no plan in place for waste management?
  • If maintenance relies in part on volunteer organizations to ensure proper upkeep, who are those groups or individuals?
  • How can the fire safety/risk from BBQ pits and human causes be ignored?
  • Do we really want a raised landscape berm that blocks all views of Wright’s Field Preserve, sunsets, and nature?
  • Will non-park access to Wright’s Field from South Grade Road be eliminated?
  • What about the many safety and security challenges for an isolated 26-acre area?
  • What will be the fees for usage (parking, rentals, etc.)? 
  • If groups can rent certain facilities like the skate/all-wheel park, how is this fair for those that cannot afford rental fees?
  • Where are the studies on the fiscal sustainability and potential tax impact for Alpine residents?

Sports Park / Complex

With 270+ parking spots and a maze of activities, potentially thousands of visitors a day will descend upon the location adjacent to Wright's Field. The all-in-one park attempts to pack in far too many activities far from those who will actually benefit from them: skate/bike/all-wheels park, baseball/softball field, basketball court, pickleball courts, multiple grass/turf sports fields, community gardens, playgrounds, multi-use trails, equestrian corrals, dog park, BBQ pits, caretaker housing, a bermed landscape to block views, and much more! 

This 26-acre, oversized park is simply too much for the rural, natural location, and surrounding neighborhoods. The proposed plan also goes well beyond the small, 12-15-acre community park concept originally presented to local residents. County Parks doubled the park size to meet county-wide metrics and, quite simply, because they could; not because it's what's best for Alpine. 

Understandably, finding a location for a 26-acre sports complex is challenging. But why does Alpine need an overwhelming, all-in-one park that will cost so much in so many ways?  Can't we find a better solution for our community?  We believe we can! A network of new and existing local Alpine parks will offer unique recreational activities throughout our town while connecting the broader community.