Preserve Alpine's Heritage

The Proposed Park: Too Much!

Questions for Consideration 

  • Why does Alpine need an overwhelming, all-in-one park that will cost so much in so many ways when existing facilities are underutilized and poorly maintained? 
  • How can anyone believe this 25-acre, oversized park won't overwhelm the rural, natural location, and surrounding neighborhoods?
  • Other than to meet County-wide metrics and because space allowed, how do planners justify doubling the size from the originally planned 12-15-acre park? 
  • Do we want a “drive to" park located far from the populated town center and other community resources such as schools, public transportation, library, community center, and local businesses?
  • What about the dangerous automobile ingress/egress and increased automotive congestion throughout Alpine?
  • What about the challenges for children, equestrians, runners, dog walkers, etc. reaching a park that is only accessible via dangerous South Grade Road or Wright’s Field Preserve?
  • What will the introduction of noise and nighttime light pollution do to the area?
  • When drought is an ongoing concern, why are they including extensive grassy fields and landscaping?
  • If maintenance relies on volunteer organizations to ensure proper upkeep, who are those groups or individuals?
  • How can the fire safety/risk from BBQ pits and human causes be denied?
  • Do we really want a raised landscape berm that blocks views of Wright’s Field Preserve, sunsets, and nature?
  • Will non-park access to Wright’s Field from South Grade Road be eliminated?
  • How can safety and security challenges for an isolated 25-acre area be eliminated?
  • What will be the fees for usage (parking, rentals, etc.)? 
  • If groups can rent certain facilities like the skate/all-wheel park, how is this fair for those that cannot afford rental fees?
  • Where are the studies on the fiscal sustainability and potential tax impact for Alpine residents?

25-Acres of Active Recreation 

270+ parking spots with solar carports, skate park, bike/all-wheels park, baseball/softball field, basketball court, pickleball courts, multiple grass/turf sports fields, community gardens, playgrounds, multi-use trails, equestrian corrals, dog park, BBQ pits, game plaza, volunteer housing, security lighting, a bermed landscape to block views, and more!